up with the sun.

As each new day awakes, as the morning sun casts its light onto what was yesterday, here is where an opportunity lies. Progress and fresh ideas awake with each new day. Invitations extended to everyone, however, only the prepared will succeed.

Business is cut-throat, aching for a blue-ribbon status; second place means nothing. As the world turns, each business faces change, opportunity, threat, and age. So how do we cure this continual sense of fear and frustration? We go to market.

Some are convinced that marketing is like a door-to-door sales person, convincing you, some way or another that his/her shoe laces are the crème of the crop, the best there ever was. However, truth be told, this is not marketing.

Marketing is the strategic development, the re-branding, the tactic orchestration, the continual business model, remodel. Marketing is the blood-hound of the business world, the go-getter, the Excalibur to the business world. This being said, here are a few things to ponder:

"(Our) success is a direct result of knowing how to market a brand and having the right people representing the brand."  Greg Norman

"The things we fear most in organizations - fluctuations, disturbances, imbalances - are the primary sources of creativity." Margaret J. Wheatley

"If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it." William Arthur Ward

Progress, development, technology does not halt; neither should one’s marketing tactics and strategy. It must be always developing, always changing, always improving, because if it does not – as the sun sets, the night’s shadows may become a closed curtain, and your new opportunity, your new day, may not wake to morning. So... up with the sun - go get the day.


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