rock the boat.

 As a member of a team, company, or corporation, it is your job to be the best version of yourself in order to make your company the best agency out there. Mediocracy doesn't win clients. Initiative, drive and progressive thinking wins clients. Rock the boat.

If there is a better process, change the current. If D is the end point, mix up A, B, and C to gain the perfect strategy to get you to your desired end point. A + B + C isn't always the perfect cocktail; why not C + A + B? Try something new. Rock the boat.

Medicre seems comforting, it seems "good". But remember, good, most times, gets passed up for the best.

In Seth Godin's most recent book, Poke the Box, he notes, "The world is changing too fast. Without the spark of intiative, you have no choice but to simply react to the world. Without the ability to instigate and experiment, you are stuck, adrift, waiting to be shoved."

The beauty behind working in an agency is the creative opportunites. If you want to try something new - say something. If there is a better way - try it out. Take the initiative; rock the boat.


danielle grudenComment