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A goal of any company should be to be listed on the first page of a search results page, but not just listed, listed first on the list. How does a company move up its ranking as a search result? SEO –and not just any type of search engine optimization, but the most defined and clarified. Here are some basics to note and also some great tools to get familiar with.

The basics of SEO are knowing strong and relevant keywords that define your business/website and match the search terms associated to it. When identifying keywords, choose those that are most relevant to your website’s content, i.e. lemonade, soccer, marketing, etc –whatever it is that is your organization. If you are not certain what your site or business is about, how are those that are attempting to search for you? Clearly define your business and site with strong, relevant keywords. No need for adjectives here, simplicity and to-the-point is key.   

Once these are defined – infuse and employ them into every aspect of your page: title, meta description, URL, page content, heading tags, calls to actions, internal links, images, and meta keywords.  The more you utilize the keywords through every aspect of your page, the more powerful your page becomes; the more chances you have of creeping closer and closer to that golden spot: the top of search results.

According to a recent article in ZDNet, Wordpress powers 14.7% of the top million sites worldwide (up 8.5 percent), and is used in the US to power 22 out of every 100 new active domains. For Wordpress sites, you can install pluggins that allow for step-by-step SEO power. One of my favorite Wordpress plugins is SEO by Yoast. With each post, it offers an easy and simple process to add and match keywords throughout your title, URL, and the meta description; gearing-up your post to go to 1st page status. 

If Wordpress is simply not your cup of tea, another powerful tool that can be used to help get your site to the top of that gleaming and glittering first page is SEOMoz. SEOMoz provides tools, software, and resources at your fingertips –allowing for those first page results you so desperately need and want. Besides offering software and tools, there program also offers knowledge, delivering educational webinars and access to the Open Site Explorer. 

So if your business is aching to get to that first page, get there, and get there now with understanding the importance of simple and defined keywords and also tools to help give you the push you so desperately need. 



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