karate chop the everyday.

Everyday life is a whirlwind. It starts, spins, ends and begins again. The ebb and flow of it all seems daunting. Routines and chaos are shuffled around quickly; minds spin and new ideas get suffocated in the mix. Creativity gets threated. New ideas are conquered by mediocre tasks. David Carriere, author of 7 Steps to Publicize Just About Anything, notes, “ When you were a child, there were times when your mind was allowed to wander and daydream, but as an adult, the demands of reality often dictate that you move through the day on autopilot.”

As our creative minds awake to the chill of the morning, they are instantly attacked by the stress that life provides – whether it be deadlines, proposals, or basic to-do lists. Creativity becomes a headache; it becomes hard to take a moment to produce a thought, a principle, or an element that infuses light into an otherwise grey day.

In marketing, creativity is king. If you do not posses this creature you will be eaten up by the sharks that do. It is vital to a successful campaign, concept, or launch – but also to the health of your agency.

How do you get "creative"? Several ways, however, brainstorming is key.

David discusses the importance of brainstorming used as a method to allow the brain to wander - stimulating creative thought and problem solving. Allowing the brain to wander, to create storms and evoke creative thought - provides a karate chop to the demon labeled "mediocre."

Take a step out of your whirlwind. Sit. Allow your brain to storm and wander. Happy karate chops.

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