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Oddly enough, it seems that some companies still do not want to jump on the SM bandwagon -- or even worse (in my opinion) they have decided to jump online but do not follow-through or actively participate - #fail.

A transition, a metamorphosis in the realm of online communication and marketing has occurred. It is time to participate, or feel free to be washed away with the every-day wave of competition.

Brian Solis's more recent book, Engage, provides that SM (social media) has:

  • Rewired the processes by which consumers share experiences, expertise, and opinions.
  • Broadened the channels available to consumers who seek information.
  • Changed how companies approach markets.
  • Altered how companies develop products.
  • Remodeled the process by which companies connect with and show appreciation for their consumers.
  • Transformed the method of influence, augmenting the ranks of traditional market experts and thought leaders with enthusiasts and innovators who self-create content-punlsihing platforms for their views. 

This being said, can a company really afford to not have an online presence? Especially when:

SM (in collaboration with your website) is your face to the online community. So why not give people something to talk about? Jump on board and give your SM channels some (strategized) love.

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